The Love Beast


Every man who dies

Gets a stone to weigh him down

Every soul that drowns

Gets some fish to keep it drowned

Every woman burning

Gets a stake and one long match

Every baby coming

Gets a key to lock the latch


Every butterfly extinguished

Draws a moth into the flame

Every form of life on Earth is

Pre-designed to kill and maim.

If love endured the Evolution

Then it surely shares the same

Cruel survival kit that's granted

To all beasts that are untamed

Every time I wonder what became of love and lust

I know the fish are eating and the flames turn stones to dust

And the sound of my departing from the one I cherished past

As she's etching on my headstone words perpetuating pains

Is the din made by a baby jingle-jangling with the chains

While his stillborn mother's trying to secure her child's restraints



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